Jul. 4th, 2009

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I need to do a big update, but it's too bloody hot to think. It's our turn to not have working a/c. Found out the reason it's dead is because the village idiot* that does our lawn (poorly) cut a wire with the weed whacker. Don't know if he ever planned to tell us about it, but when I saw him this morning I asked him to trim around the unit so I could have the repair people come out - it isn't working and we're roasting to death. "Oh yeah, I cut a wire the other day, it was an accident." ::tears out hair::

Of course, repair won't happen until after the hub gets home from his business trip late Tuesday. I don't have the available funds to pay for it, and being a sloth with lousy credit, I also have no credit card to fund it. So we went to Target last night and picked up three box fans - one for me, one for the child, one for the dog, so at least sleep was mostly bearable.

Was looking forward to doing nothing tonight (see part about hubby being out of town, lol) but sister in law called and invited us down. She hasn't been well, so we thought there was no family gathering, but it's just going to be four of us - me, the kidlet, her, and my mil. So I said we'd go.

I worked a full day yesterday so that I can have Monday off, and even with no a/c I'm looking forward to just hanging out. Maybe we'll play in the hose. *g*

Other things to do:
- work on RPF Big Bang
- update my muse posts at DW
- update drabble posts at DW

*remember the incident with the dog? Yeah, him.

Edit: apparently that was in a Twitter post on 6/5. "Village idiot was pesking the dog, and he finally managed to pull me down via the wet grass. Going to be sore, I landed over VI's front bike tire."

curious ...

Jul. 4th, 2009 12:29 pm
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Has anyone else's layout disappeared?
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Snagged from at east 3 friends at Facebook, lol.



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