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Birthdate:Aug 10
Location:Florida, United States of America

Mom, writer, fangirl.

You'll see a little bit of everything here: My kids, my dog, my real life up and downs, but you won't see my family or real life friends here. This is where I can unload and talk about things they just wouldn't 'get'. They can find me at Facebook for that. *g*

Not that some of you aren't real life friends, but you're not co-workers, neighbors, or church members. ;)

What I Like

Music of almost all kinds, but especially catchy pop music.

I enjoy reading. My first love was Victoria Holt, and have in the past several years become a fan of Luanne Rice. Romance for me, all the way. I have delved into the Harry Potter books, but only after seeing all of the currently available films. As an amateur writer myself, I've enjoyed seeing how JK Rowling evolved as a writer from the first book to the last.

Speaking of my writing, it is 99% fannish in nature and is for my own enjoyment. I have completed NaNoWriMo two years and consider that a great accomplishment, if only for the perseverence it entailed. Fifty thousand words in thirty days. Wow. :)

You, the reader

Who are you? Do we like the same things? If so, welcome! Nice to meet you!

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