Jun. 14th, 2009

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Ok, so you know I'm bored if I resort to a post like this. Feel free to skip this one. :)

Yesterday morning was my monthly meeting of the women's group at church. I have various responsibilities, and yesterday's was unlocking/locking up and making sure the sound system in the sanctuary was turned on/turned off, much the same with the A/C units. Exciting, yes?

I thought we had a baby shower yesterday afternoon, but I am a a dork and didn't read closely - it was this afternoon. P was one of the kids that grew up in the old church, and she's expecting her first baby (a boy) next month. There were other former kids and their babies there and it was just wonderful to watch them in their new roles. :)

This morning was church as normal, except that I was the soloist today. For anyone that knows this sort of music, I did Reuben Morgan's "The Power of Your Love." It was nice, as always, having two keyboards and drums to back me up. I'm such a rock star! *g* I was going to have the daughter video it for me, but today was her day to run the media for the service so she had her hands full. The choir is finished until fall, hallelujah!

She's at her drama class now, but should be home in a bit. Hub took her down there at 4 and then went to visit his sister thus leaving me with a quiet house since 3:30. Two loads of laundry are done as well as a little writing.

We're having breakfast for dinner tonight - French toast. Mmmmm. I get to use the last of my WW Flex Points tonight! Tomorrow is weigh-in day, we shall see if I managed to do better than last week.

In other news, the dog ate my Ninja Nick BK figure yesterday. He's lucky I've allowed him to live. Really, it's only because I have another one somewhere. He and I played in the hose this afternoon, it was great fun. It was 95F this afternoon.

And now he's getting into something, I'd better go see 'what'. Urg.



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