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We're here in North Carolina with our son and daughter in-law. Their first Thanksgiving together, and everything smells wonderful. No worries about her cooking at all! It's a beautiful 65F, and we've just been spending time relaxing.

We're touring the Marine base tomorrow and basically just sightseeing before heading home on Saturday.

Not freaking out any more because my laptop got left behind in Miami. Hubby was all "let's go! we're behind schedule!" and I was trying to get things finished, and they were loading the monster dog into the car and we didn't realize it was missing until we got to the hotel at midnight. 13 1/2 hour later.

Oh well, I have 6k left to write and it will have to happen on Sunday and Monday. It will be gibberish, it will be crap, but it will be written. I'm not going to lose NaNo when I'm this close. No way.


*posting from the son's pc



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