May. 16th, 2009

long day

May. 16th, 2009 08:25 pm
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Especially for a Saturday. We received a call on Thursday afternoon offering our daughter a screen test and audition for John Robert Powers. She had filled out a form when she was at the mall several months ago, and so off we went.

She has been down this road before, when she was awarded a contract in the fall of 2007, but nothing ever came of it. Since that contract was only good for a year if she didn't get any work out of it, we didn't feel bad at all about taking her today.

It was a cattle call, but it was a great experience. She was briefly interviewed by one of the agency reps, and then did a screen test with Matt Jackson, a casting director from Los Angeles. He was the originator of the show Even Stevens and has been involved with 90210. She had to memorize a little blurb and then was filmed.

Here she is before the audition )

Tomorrow morning at 11:20 we have to call in to see if she made the callback list. If she did, she has to go back down there tomorrow afternoon. We'll keep you posted. :)



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