May. 2nd, 2009


May. 2nd, 2009 03:02 pm
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After the debacle of a 2pm birthday party being moved up to noon (at 11 this morning!), and us hauling butt to get there only to cool our heels until almost 2:00 ANYway ...

I am home. Except for the dog -who'd best behave if he knows what's good for his furry behind- I am blissfully alone until possibly 11-ish tonight.

They have gone to the beach, armed with buckets full of sunblock, and will be coming back to A's house for a movie marathon. Then they will bring my child home. \o/ !!!!!

I have gone to Publix for my fave frozen pizza and a bottle of Coke (yes, livin' large here, folks); I have back washed the pool filter, to the delight of the dog who likes to play in the nasty crappy water *gag*; and now you can see where I am: sitting on my butt. At the pc. Oh, the decadent joy that is mine!!!!!!!!!!!

If I can stay awake I'll put together updates for my tcg's. Or do online jigsaw puzzles. Or possibly just sit here and keep refreshing the open browser tabs to see what happens.

In other news, I was a bitch and ranted on Twitter as this was all going down. A is on Twitter, too. *shrugs* Oh well.
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In my downtime I decided to stalk the sound coming from the back yard. :)

American Crow. (Click for larger.)

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