Apr. 25th, 2009

nice day!

Apr. 25th, 2009 06:23 pm
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So we had no plans for today, except I wanted to do some more work on the patio. But last night my daughter and a friend concocted a plan to go see "17 Again", and since M's mom (a good friend of mine from church) wanted to see it too, I went along. Hello, Zac Efron, you really think they had to twist my arm? Yeah. *snort*

So, we slept in a little and headed to the mall to meet up. Daughter stopped on the way to cash her huge (not!) paycheck for running media at the church, and off we went. We were early, so we bought our tickets and wandered around, and my kidlet bought me a vanilla latte from SBuck's.

Looked at and smelled a ton of lotions in Bath and Body Works, just missed having one of them squirt up my nose. Fun times.

Movie was good, we all enjoyed it. So yeah, how old is Zac? And why didn't the boys in my high school look like that? Matthew Perry however - he looks (as my sister used to say) rode hard and put up wet.

Went to Forever 21 from there, where daughter spent most of the rest of her pay on two pairs of sandals. Parted ways with friends and drove up to Big Lots for el cheapo stuff - a garden hose for the back yard, two chairs ($9 each!) for the patio, and a few other non-essential (but cheap!) items. She found the Hilary Duff movie "Raise your Voice" for $3. \o/

Best news? Hooked up the router when we got home and everything works! We're a wi-fi household again!

Grilling tonight, must go bust a move.
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Just talked to my Marine Son™. They went to the beach again this afternoon and there were three dolphins swimming alongside of them. Nifty that they had to leave Florida and go live in North Carolina to swim with dolphins. *g*



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