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Off to work in a few, but making a list in my head and checking it twice. We're leaving for NC in the morning to spend Thanksgiving with our Marine Son™ and his wife. (Yes, I know I've mentioned in various places except for DW)

I need -

- kitty litter and cat food (the neighbor is coming over to feed the old girls for us)

- headphones/ear buds that don't kill my ears

- to send my NaNo files to the laptop

- clear off a couple of memory cards for mine and the daughter's cameras

- charge batteries or just buy a package of regular ones, b/c the rechargables don't seem to be working well any more

- get cds ready for the car. Hubby has already asked what we were going to listen to, and it's a 12-14 hour drive from here. OMG, if I have to listen to Billy Joel's Greatest Hits one more time I'm going to club him over the head. I love Billy, but good grief, give it a rest, ok? Heh, maybe I'll slip Adam Lambert's new cd into the changer. *g*

- laundry. Eww, tons of it.

- clean like crazy so the Neighbor Who's Feeding the Cats™ doesn't call the health department and report us.

Also, here's hoping for another slow/boring day at work so I can write on my NaNo again. I made yesterday's word count in my office. *g* I know, I said I'd never write at work, but that was when I first started there a year and a half ago. And I'm not saving it to my work pc, I'm using My Writing Nook. I love the word count feature! It counts as you go and displays a running total. I see now that it's also available as an app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Not that I have either, but yanno .... lol.

Alrighty then, must finish getting dressed and head out to work. Later!

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