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Leaving in about half an hour to take daughter for back-to-school checkup. Appointment isn't until 2:30 but they said they'd try to get us in early if we were there by 1:45. Why? Because we got tickets to the the Jonas Brothers tonight and have to be miles away at the amphitheater before 5:30 to pick them up. The pediatric practice is so huge now that it takes forever to get in and she has to have school forms for next Monday.

So, after that we will head directly to her bff's house so she can change into her sparkly JoBros t-shirt, red skinny jeans, and her new black Converse sneakers that she bought yesterday with her own money. w00t!!!

I took today off. I had so many things to get done today, no time to do it all, and when the cat barfed all over the bed it was an omen.


Catch you all tomorrow!
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